Humans Can’t Get Bird Flu From Humans: But That Could Change Soon

Bird flu, or avian flu, is an influenza virus strain that typically infects birds – including wild birds like ducks and domestic birds like chickens. There are many forms of bird flu, and most are relatively harmless, producing mild symptoms or even no symptoms. However, several strains of bird flu produce a highly contagious disease that kills quickly and could lead to a massive bird flu epidemic. These dangerous viruses are known as “highly pathogenic avian influenza.” One such bird flu virus is currently spreading among chickens in Asian countries. In recent years it was discovered that the bird flu virus can infect people who have close contact with live birds. The current strain cannot be passed from human to human, but heath officials say it may mutate and become contagious in our species. If that happens, according to David Nabarro of the U.N. and World Health Organization, “an epidemic could kill between 5 and 150 million people,” which would be a much larger disaster than 2004’s Asian Tsunami and 2005’s U.S. hurricanes combined. Symptoms of bird flu (avian flu) in humans include: Conjunctivitis Cough Fever Muscle aches Sore throat (Severe cases) Breathing problem and pneumonia How dangerous is bird flu? Bird flu can be fatal. There have been a number of small outbreaks of bird flu since 1997, and people who get it appear to have a high mortality rate. *1997 Hong Kong – 18 people were infected and 6 people died. *There were two cases and one death in Hong Kong in 2003. *As many as 10 deaths have been linked to an outbreak in a number of Asian countries last year. How can bird flu be treated? Anyone with bird flu symptoms should see a health care professional immediately. The bird flu virus currently infecting birds in Asia that has caused human illness and death appears to be resistant to Tamiflu, according to officials at Queen Mary Hospital in Australia. Tamiflu is the most common drug used to treat flu in humans. There currently is no vaccine to protect humans against the strain of bird flu virus that’s been detected in Asia. However, research studies to test a bird flu vaccine to protect humans began in April 2005.

Viewing And Posting New Myspace Bulletins

Bulletin posting is pretty popular among registered MySpace members, though there are a lot of features offered. Posting a bulletin opens a chance for the members you have added as friends to check and react on it. The next section will talk about MySpace bulletins, and also how to post and reply to it. If a friend posts a bulletin, this will appear on your home page the moment you logged into your account but this cannot be viewed on member’s profile. “MY Bulletin Space” can be found at the bottom left side corner of your page. Click on the bulletin title of your choice to view/read. Clicking the author’s name will get you to their MySpace profile, not the bulletin they post. If miss a few bulletins since you weren’t able to visit your account for several days. Look and view them by click the link at the bottom of your “MY Bulletin Space” box marked “View All Bulletin Entries” to produce the list of your latest bulletins. There is also an option to view the past bulletins. With a feature like this, there is no way that you will miss a MySpace bulletins even when you are busy. You might get confuse on how to post a bulletin for the first time, but this is really easy. To let your friends view the bulletins you posted, click the link labeled “post bulletin” at the “My Mail’ section of your page. Here you can write and post your bulletin. There will be an option after for you to either edit or post the bulletin. It will take a moment for the bulletin to show after posting. Apply the instructions given for you to easily post and view your new MySpace bulletins. This is a cool and popular way in sharing stuffs with your MySpace friends.

You Received a Manufacturer Service Bulletin, Now What?

Aircraft maintenance is critical to the safety of your passengers and crew. Part of that maintenance is complying with manufacturers’ service bulletins. The challenge is that many service bulletins are marked mandatory when they may not be. Furthermore, there are some key factors to consider before making the final decision to actually comply with the service bulletin.

What is a Manufacturer Service Bulletin?

A service bulletin (SB) contains recommendations from manufacturers that can result from various factors, including an improvement developed by the manufacturer, a product defect or an error in published documentation. These are issued because the manufacturer believes that as the aircraft owner, you should comply with the recommendations in the bulletins as they often reflect a safety issue. It is important to recognize that these bulletins are not always sent to aircraft maintenance providers, so it is up to the owner to ensure compliance.

Service bulletins may be called various names, including:

· Mandatory SB

· Technical SB

· Service letter

· Service instructions

The manufacturer issues the bulletins to recommend specific action, depending upon the nature of the bulletin subject. For example, SBs can recommend a type of aircraft inspection, replacing parts, performing specific maintenance or limiting operations under certain conditions.

Not all Manufacturer Service Bulletins are Mandatory

If not all are mandatory, then why should you comply? Obviously the issue of safety is the primary reason. Determining whether or not a service bulletin does, in fact, address the issue of safety is a different concern. Many manufacturers will mark a service bulletin as mandatory whether it truly is or not. Most likely this is to provide legal coverage for the manufacturer. The only way to know for certain if it is critical is to thoroughly discuss the issue with a qualified aircraft maintenance provider. You can then determine its critical nature as it applies to your aircraft safety concerns.

If the aircraft maintenance provider determines that the SB is not mandatory, then you as the owner must make a decision as to the priority of the issue. There are several factors to consider, including cost. One suggestion is to outline the benefit obtained by compliance versus the cost of labor and parts to make the necessary adjustment. Another consideration is liability. If complying with the manufacturers’ service bulletin will limit your liability exposure to third-parties, then it may be worth the cost associated with compliance.

When to Comply?

In the United States, the only organization with jurisdiction over aviation matters is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA has gathered all policies regarding legalities in aviation within Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 1 through 183. This makes up the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) which outline the owner’s responsibility concerning aircraft maintenance, safety and inspection among other things.

The FAA mandates rules on operators and determines if a manufacturers’ SB is required to correct airworthiness issues. These mandates are adopted in either an Airworthiness Directive (AD)or an amendment to the operating rules.

Depending upon which Part you operate under determines whether or not manufacturers’ service bulletins are actually mandatory. For example, Part 135 Commuter Air Carrier and On-demand (commercial operator) requires compliance with everything in that Part, including additional aircraft maintenance requirements and approved Operation Specifications. Under these Op Specs, SBs can become mandatory.

Whether you are a commercial or private operator, the reality is that manufacturers’ service bulletins are sent to you to address potential safety issues. Deciding whether or not to actually comply is a matter of common sense, but best practices should apply. Speak with a knowledgeable aircraft maintenance provider to understand the requirements as well as the costs and benefits associated with the compliance. Making an informed decision will ensure your aircraft is safe, you are protected, and have effectively complied with all appropriate manufacturers’ SBs.

Global Aircraft Service was founded by Greg Katonica and Paul McCain in 1998. Both have many years of experience in Fuel System Repairs. We are based at 4500 Claire Chennault, Addison, Texas 75001. We have a large facility that can accommodate most medium size corporate aircraft or we will travel to any site in the World.

Church Bulletins – Christmas Is Not the Only Time to Get Customized Bulletins

Many Christians don’t realize everything that goes into planning a church service, and this includes church bulletins. The church worship team has to practice the songs they are going to sing. Someone has to make sure all of the people are in place for running the nursery while everyone is in church. You also need to make sure there are people that are helping out in each Sunday school class for the children, and you are going to need greeters to welcome everyone that comes. Don’t forget about getting the elements together for Holy Communion! Lastly, the pastor needs to come up with a sermon to preach at church on Sunday. He may be speaking for up to an hour or longer, so they will need a lot of time to prepare!

The church bulletins probably aren’t the first church tasks that come to mind, but the bulletins tell everyone what is happening in the church. Bulletins aren’t just for Sunday morning services either. They are often used in other events too. Some of the other popular events at churches include:

Wedding Bulletins
It is probably a good idea to keep wedding bulletins on hand at all times. While many weddings are well advertised and well prepared ahead of time, there are some couples that get married fast, and they need a place where they can hold a wedding with just a few weeks notice. When couples get married quickly, they may not have time to get everything together before the wedding, and your church can include the wedding bulletins used in the ceremony. In addition to having the bulletins in stock well before weddings, you can include the bulletins in the fees you charge to use the facilities for a wedding ceremony.

Thanksgiving Bulletins
Many churches hold Thanksgiving Day services, or they have services the night before the big holiday. If you are holding a ceremony for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to make sure you have specialty Thanksgiving services that have a traditional Thanksgiving cover to recognize the special holiday. Some bulletins have pictures of pumpkins and other harvest festival type photos, and other bulletins simply have a photo of a fruit basket with a message to “Give Thanks”.

Easter Bulletins
It is the most important holiday for Christians, and Easter bulletins are a subtle way to emphasize the importance of this special day. Many of the popular Easter bulletins will have a photo of an empty cross. Other bulletins will have photos of flowers and other festive Easter colors. Some bulletins have Scripture references to the resurrection. You’ll want to make sure your church bulletins are relevant to the holiday.

Christmas Bulletins
In all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it is so easy to lose sight of what is really important at Christmas time. There are a wide variety of church bulletins you can purchase at Christmas. You might purchase bulletins with advent candles. You may want bulletins with a more traditional photo on the cover, or you may want to have Christmas bulletins with Scripture references on the front.

There are church bulletins for other occasions too. Some other holidays where you may want to use specialty church bulletins include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July.

Internet Forums – A Great Source of Information

Accessing and obtaining information quickly is crucial, especially when time is a constraint. In the past, people depended on their “trusted sources” – friends, colleagues or relatives, to meet their information needs. Thanks to Sir Tim Burners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, the internet has changed the way information is accessed, making our world truly dynamic and fast paced.

Internet communities are formed by a group of like-minded people having similar interests. These people come together to serve a few basic needs – availability and anytime access to information with minimal or no costs involved. These internet communities are also referred to as forums.

Internet forums are specific to an industry or technology. For example, Android Forums brings together people who are passionate about Android devices. Discussions range from simple phone customizations such as snap-on covers to complex operating system and read-only memory upgrades. The forum also covers topics on troubleshooting, reviews on devices, speculation on models that are ‘rumored’ to enter the market and much more.

Forum discussions can be viewed by anyone, but to create new topics or to post a reply, one would need to register. In addition to meeting information needs, forums also provide opportunities to network and share best practices.

While forums provide wide variety of information, they come with a caveat – all that is available might not be correct. Wrong information and “rumors” that spread online can pose serious threat to organizations. Therefore, it is best to validate the information across multiple sources.

One example that deserves mention here is Tommy Hilfiger. To read about the rumor that spread for many years, click here.

On the other hand, when used well, internet forums promote knowledge sharing, increased collaboration and higher level of networking, elevating the success of any organization to great heights.

If you want to create an internet forum, one of the ways is through a bulletin board. I recommend phpBB, the most popular open source bulletin board software, which is free to use. It contains a vast database of style and image packages which one can use to customize their bulletin board. Creating a very unique forum in a matter of minutes is a simple task.

Designing a forum is easy but engaging people in quality manner is a challenge. Here are a few tips to make your forum experience fruitful:

1. Build your credibility

When you register at a forum, fill in as much information as possible describing what you do and what your interest in the forum is about. Globally Recognized Avatar (Gravatar) is your forum identity which should be unique and identifiable at a glance. This ensures that people associate you with your ideas. In the online space, your profile information or bio is very important as it helps build your credibility and personal brand.

2. Follow the Rules

It is important to read the rules of the forum carefully and to follow them. Spend adequate time to read through forum discussions to understand how people converse. Many implicit social norms and rules exist that users must be mindful of. Being polite, courteous and non-controversial is extremely important as forums thrive on a collaborative nature.

3. Start by Responding

Forums are about conversations and communities. While one person may start a thread, either with a question or a comment, the others respond with answers or their own comments. The beauty of forums is that people provide advice free of charge, but at the cost of their time and energy. Therefore it is important that this favor is returned. Contribute your views keeping in mind the implicit rules of the forum.

4. Contribute Your Expertise

If you have an expert opinion, share it. Providing a link to your page in response to queries is not the right forum etiquette. A way to promote oneself as a source of information and expertise is to contribute highly relevant information immediately and in abundance.

5. Write Intelligently and Correctly

While it is not mandatory to carefully script every forum post, you should proof-read everything at least once. Use the spell-check feature to comb for spelling errors. Most forums have no specific rules on grammar and punctuation but consider that everything that is shared represents your personal brand.

So without further ado, make use of online forums to share your information and expertise. It will positively change the way you access, use and share knowledge for your business and personal needs.

4 Steps to Take When Looking for Work

Sometimes the worst part of getting a new job is the first step, or putting yourself out there when you are unsure about what you might be getting into. Here are steps you can take to get your name out there and take advantage of the free job leads that are sprinkled throughout the Internet.
Start Updating Your Resume

The first step to take is to update your resume. This means making sure the dates are right and all the grammar is perfect. You will want to update your contact information and make sure the formatting is, above all, clean and clear. Although you might be tempted to make your resume fancy, the best resumes are crisp and don’t have cumbersome graphics or lots of different fonts.

When updating your resume, look for examples of people in your field. Sometimes, you can find real resumes on job sites. Find the ones that catch your eye and work to make yours look similar. Format your dates in a standard way and be consistent in the choices you make throughout.
Create a Personal Website

One way to show off your skills and any portfolio material is to create your own website. You can use platforms like WordPress or Blogger to get started. If you’ve not ventured into the world of web development, you can hire someone to create a website for you. You can also watch online tutorials that will direct you about how to utilize the many features of these types of blogging platforms to create a clean and professional website that you will be proud to show to potential employers.
Network as Much as Possible

Networking is a key part of getting hired in any field. Finding the person who knows someone hiring can be the cornerstone of getting your dream job. As much as a resume and other materials are useful, a personal connection is what really makes all of the difference. Go to alumni events, conferences in the field in which you are looking for a job, and connect with the old acquaintances working for companies that you are interested in. Above all, be polite and friendly to anyone you come into contact with who might be able to help you in your job search. Any burned bridge could be a big stumbling block in your future career.
Join Job Websites

There are more and more websites popping up that help people connect with employers looking to fill positions. Many of these will offer free job leads in the form of bulletins, newsletters, or email alerts. When finding websites to search for jobs and post your resume, make sure to do a basic check of the company to establish its legitimacy. Make sure to proofread any and all of your submissions, including any boxes on your profile. You can often add a resume and use it for multiple applications, but the best resumes will be tailored to the job you are applying for specifically. It’s better to edit each application individually instead of sending out a large number of impersonal emails to companies. With all of these steps completed, you will be closer to securing a job you love.


Just for the record and to make sure that I don’t get sued by anybody, I didn’t write this article. It is interesting though so I thought I would share it.

The injuction against cannabis in the United Kingdom contravenes the following Articles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 Treaty to which we are a Party: 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 30.

UN Bulletin of Narcotics 1977 in ref to The Single Convention ” possession of drugs for individual consumption is not to be considered a punishable offence by a party to the Narcotics Convention.”

Articles from the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and remarks:

Article 2 : All people is permitted to all the proper rights and freedoms established in this Statement, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, RELIGION, POLITICAL OR OTHER OPINION, national or social origin, property, birth OR OTHER STATUS.

Article 3 : Everyone has the right to life, Independence and protection of person.

Article 12 : Nobody shall be subjected to arbitrary disturbance with his personal privacy, spouse and children, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and standing. Anybody has the right to the proper protection of the laws against such interference or attacks.



The prelude to the UN Single Convention Treaty 1961, which was misled about cannabis, protects the use of cannabis as a medicine. Article 28 specifically allows hemp industry and horticulture. Article 23 permits social use, as long as the government oversees production, distribution and sale. Under Article 46 any country can denounce the treaty.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is contravened in many Articles by prohibition of marijuana and cannabis users lifestyles.


This is the strong international agreement upon which many nations have based their laws which prohibit cannabis cultivation, use and supply.

cannabis (hashish) was wrongly included in Schedule 1 of the treaty, alongside natural opium and semi-synthetic opiates such as morphine and heroin, derivatives of coca (cocaine), and substances such as pethidine and methodone. Including cannabis in this group was a result of LIES and MISINFORMATION.
Cannabis was also included in schedule IV, substances deemed to be particularly dangerous with an extremely limited therapeutic value; ANOTHER LIE.

Article 28 specifically permits marijuana for “medical” and for “industrial and horticultural” uses. This is how Britain legalised industrial cultivation under license. The British Government cites this treaty as one of the reasons why they “cannot legalise unilaterally”. This is yet ANOTHER LIE. Apart from the fact that it is the duty of the government to pull out of any action or agreement which is not beneficial to the country, there is specific allowance within the treaty for member states to withdraw, through denunciation (Article 46). It is also possible to declassify a substance under Article 3, or amend under Article 47.

For more information read Report on the Possibilities for Amending and/or Repealing the United Nations Conventions by the International Antiprohibitionist League.

Schedule I of this treaty includes dangerous drugs causing a serious risk to public health, whose therapeutic value is doubtful or nil. It includes synthetic hallucinogenics (LSD25, DMT) and THC. Including cannabis in this group was a blatant lie. THC is not cannabis. Both THC and marijuana have medicinal values.

Schedule II includes stimulants such as amphetamines and analgesics like phencyclidine (Angel dust – PCP). These substances were seen as having limited therapeutic value; in fact PCP has no therapeutic value to man.

Schedule IV includes hypnotics, tranquilizers and analgesics which engender a considerable dependence, but are mainly used in therapy. Once again cannabis was misrepresented in this treaty.

This is all I found in the article

Bulletin boards is a great teaching tool for decoration of school

Preschool system needs whatsoever tools that are laboursaving to move knowledge. Bulletin commission is prizewinning tools which are utile in education as fit as freedom attempt in palm of your classroom. Advantageously decorated room see glorious and also an issue to meditate with concentration. These devices can be used for varied purposes sometimes; students can take noesis via this twist. Holiday’s information is displayed finished this instrumentation handwritten is also displayed on this shack.

This discolor surface is use to have a reproof to students. Varied knottiness and diagrams can easily be delivered to students using this device as it provides convenient in grasping the ideas which normally are tight to contemplate students by using traditional method of using notebook. Color display is useful as it provides sextuple uses and on each activity you can vanish the table from human shack. This makes you author effective in point of employment.

Bulletin gameboard are very impelling for accomplishing varied purpose relating to studies that students needs to realised varied chore in impressive form. Bulletin lumber is utilised for different motives similar the fleshly studies in quantity of tradition, uniformity and different accomplished want which students usually old to streamline activity. This is certain way in identifying varied habits of students in opposite accomplishment.

Bulletin reside significantly teaches students nigh seasonal variations.

Seasonal achromatic reside is noteworthy for instruction students for different seasons which are usually in a year. What there impacts are on weak lifespan, summer, inhumane; humidity plays a certain personation in health of grouping. Umteen of tracing, cold skills can also be effected by using this pattern. It has the portrayal to fulfill different tasks in affirmatory form. Various arrangement configurations is also work by using this main devices.

Preschool students as human quality in learning different ideas so, bulletin table is there to ameliorate them is prehension various concepts consanguine to studies and new born factors which companies are ordinarily opine to be reciprocal for their grow and unchangingness. Galore of semiprecious lessons can easily be see by using this influential manoeuvre which concern and different individual are using to conveyance various educational needs to students.

Bulletin commission should be prefab in a way that it makes the shapes multi varicoloured and a sticky shroud there that makes the attainment of different needs of students. Multi work soul populate is there in control ideas in purposive variety. Apiece interest describes a incomparable finding which advance suggests what person model in accomplishing a desired meaning is. Devices can be made interactive by using ability in compound which far paves the way for varied power of task in effectual form.

Mutual light live saves measure of teachers as excavation as utile for delivering necessary results.

Interactive hot lumber as phratry exposit is fermentable for making win more ingenious as recovered as optimum in seizing ideas allied to studies. Projector and designer panel are two devices which are misused in preschool for different educational foundation needs. Author live is telling as if, any incorrectness should afterwards is hopeless to through any modification.

New Discovery Takes you Towards A Treatment For MRSA

After having a complex medical operation for a broken arm a friend got a brutal infection of MRSA within his surgical wound. That is the moment I started this study to locate a practical treatment for mrsa. Things I noticed amazed me. I discovered that there seemed to be a huge group of people that ended up being afflicted with MRSA and that found no aid through the standard prescription antibiotic MRSA cure. The normal bond that ran through this group of folks is usually a large drive to eliminate the MRSA bacteria out of their bodies, once and for all.

This is the time period for positioning our totally focus on obtaining a mrsa cure, in accordance to the government. It’s high time that these healthcare authorities recognized the level of issue the people have with resilient infections. For numerous this is a life or death matter. While taking a look at a mrsa treatment with regard to skin bacterial contamination I found a most uncommon MRSA treatment. This is a unique potent honey which is imported from overseas. The particular bees create this kind of honey solely using the blooms of a herbal shrub. It is tough to imagine, but many victims eliminated MRSA from their own superficial lesions utilizing honey it is challenging to deny that it’s a genuine MRSA cure. However, in case you have MRSA in the heart, this honey MRSA treatment would not be one I’d advocate.

There is a lot to learn concerning MRSA online on websites. Yet one particular concept appeared to defy my greatest analysis. It seems that a single website states the idea that MRSA lives within the blood stream. I’ve asked a lot of individuals who have also attempted to verify this concept and hit a brick wall. If MRSA dwells within the bloodstream besides living in cuts, then it may relocate without restraint to virtually any part of the human body and set up house. Given that I found no instance of to this inside the literature now I’m pretty sure that web page is in mistake.

Your search for any treatment for MRSA might take someone to foreign nations around the world and you could meet up with fascinating people. On health bulletin boards I have found associations to specialists in Asian countries who trained me in very much and presented useful facts. One guy who I encountered using twitter told me the story of his bone tissue infections. I followed his particular quest and he succeeded ultimately using a solution coming from former Soviet Republic. Silver colloid skin gels happen to be a choice as a treatment for MRSA that has proven beneficial to numerous experiencing skin MRSA rashes. From my study I have found a substantial variety of those who have had good results using this method. An oral colloidal silver system is also sold. Evidently it raises the disease fighting capability which eventually is exactly what may stop MRSA.

Lots of individuals swear by an interesting product that could be a MRSA treatment. The system those individuals are excited about is generally designated as being a drinking water purifier. It is so widespread that almost everyone may know of somebody that has remedied an ailment with MMS. I think that 1 chemical in this particular remedy is drawn to the bacteria which is exactly what gets rid of these germs.

I pray you are able to locate a cure for MRSA you are looking to get. Cures for MRSA may well perform for a single human being, however, notfor the next. Don’t be discouraged by short-lived failing. Remember that the medical scientists never have identified the official remedy yet, but nevertheless, many people have conquered MRSA and discovered MRSA cures on their own.

The Never-ending Hunt for Bargains

We’re all on a hunt to save money. No matter how much cash a person has, they’re always looking for a great deal or a way to save a buck or two. It’s just human instinct to try to get the most for the least.
Sometimes in our endless pursuit of getting the best price, we put the blinders up and actually end up sacrificing the quality and longevity of the items we buy. After all, the discount brand may look pretty good next to its name-brand competitor on the store’s shelf, but what about when you get it home and it doesn’t quite work how you’d envisioned?
Look, in no way I am I advocating a name-brand-only approach to shopping, because that’s just silly. A lot of the time, you’ll end up getting the same quality product, if not the exact same product, from a discount brand for a fraction of the price. However, there are some items that, when it comes time to foot the bill, it is worth your while to pay for the genuine article.
Certain items where durability is required, you’re going to want to go with a trusted, more expensive name brand. For instance, when it’s time to get your engine looked at, get some work done to your car or put on new tires, you’ll want to go with a name brand. Why? Because even though they may cost more, the performance is guaranteed. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the same problem over and over again, continuously paying for an inferior product. I mean sure, the knock-off may be half the price, but is it really worth it the second or third time around?
Remember, when you buy an inferior product, it you may sacrificing one of your most valuable assets: time. If you have to wait on slower service or constantly deal with problems, you’re just wasting time.
Another example is clothing. It’s better to buy clothes of greater quality because, in the end, you’ll have to buy much less of them. This results in fewer trips to the mall, less gas consumption, less cost in the long run and, most importantly, less disappointment when your new favorite shirt is ruined after wearing it only a couple of times.
When it comes to certain items, there is no substitute for quality. Be a smart consumer and do your homework to learn how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. In fact, these days, many leading manufacturers are slashing prices to accommodate the slower economy, so you may be able to strike some good deals on brand-name items.
When doing your holiday shopping, beware of counterfeit goods, as well. Oftentimes they are made with substandard components that can be dangerous for your loved ones.